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 Yap Boz 







Public Library & Construction System



Group Project for Student Competition


Concept Design, 3D Visualisation

“YAP-BOZ” is design for the competition “Design for a Sustainable Future”; a sample library project at Maslak İstanbul to showcase the possibilities of open-source modular units that can be easily assembled and customized using simple construction techniques.


The project states that real sustainability can be achieved if it can be applied everywhere, by anyone, in mass numbers, even in absence of an architect, which may be significant for underdeveloped communities.


In that light, the project is imagined to be open-source on the internet. It consists of modular standardized structures that can be produced by cnc cutters using simple materials, and can be assembled by regular people. The modules can come together in many different ways, allowing customization. Modularization and the relevant dimensioning allows easy transportation by semi-trailer trucks. The units are also compatible for sustainable systems

like solar panels and rainwater collection ducts.

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