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Ultava Houses & Restaurant 

Ultava Houses & Restaurant






Hotel & Restaurant



Alp Hazan Design Works


Concept Design, Construction Drawings, Construction Management

Ultava Houses is located in the old village neighborhood "Eski Datça" of Datça, Turkey.

The project consists of the renovation of three village houses to become guesthouses located inside a big garden full of local fruit plants.

The houses are completely emptied, leaving only the stone walls. A new roof with big windows inviting the light and the view is introduced for each. A spacious terrace area is designed for each house, featuring also a private jacuzzi and sunbed. The interior design concept was created utilizing clues from the traditional local civil architecture and from the ancient Greek civilization, and reassembling them with a contemporary point of view.

An exclusive but humble restaurant is designed for the garden with an open kitchen, featuring a unique Mediterranean fusion menu, prepared by a local chef.

Photo and video by Ilgaz Erel

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