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 Pavillion ENSAG 

Pavillion ENSAG






Pavillion / Temporary Structure



Student project at ENSAG


Concept Design, 3D Visualisation, Production

Pavillion ENSAG was designed to be placed on the terrace of the university “École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Grenoble”, reflecting the architectural features of the school building.

Since it is a school of designers, it was expected for the users to decide on the end product and customize it according to their needs, promoting education by practice. Therefore a system of modular aluminium extrusion frames and 3D printed joints were designed, prioritizing fast and easy assembly, durability and lightweight.


A fixed structure is designed to stay permanently and act as a base for the additional configurations to provide functions such as staircase, amphitheatre, stage, exhibiton units and seats.


The scenario models were made parametrically in Grasshopper to allow easier modification, and produced in 1:5 scale with laser cutter and 3D printing to test the efficency of the articulations.

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