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 MVA Office 

MVA Office






Office Architecture & Interior



Atelier Alp & Alp


Pre-concept Design, Concept Design, 3D Modeling,

Construction Drawings, Construction Management

MVA Office is an additional office building for the textile brand MVA, placed next to the factory building, to house the owner and two other staff.


It is located inside the pleasant garden of the factory plot, therefore planned to have the minimum footprint. It is placed right next to the factory and the plot boundary not to divide the garden, while allowing easy access.


The office rooms are directed to the garden. The mono-pitched roof reaches full height on top of these offices and full height sliding windows provide maximum view of the garden and sunlight.


The building is designed in order to allow expansion, without sacrificing any architectural quality and also to easily provide the same comfort level for the new rooms. The 16 m long offices area under the continuous roof is planned to house four 4 m long rooms. Two of these slots are left empty, currently forming pleasant patios, ready to be closed to become new rooms when needed.

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