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Social & Educational Center



Student Project at ITU


Concept Design, 3D Visualisation

Koinonia meaning “a place for sharing” is an educational center designed for a

historical area of Istanbul: Galata.

The proposes a life-long collective education system where anyone who offers information can become a teacher and anyone willing can become a student.

The experimental school building has a flexible layout and adaptable spaces to allow various activities with differing size of groups.

The building aims to merge seamlessly into the rich and diverse urban fabric of Galata with the street cutting through its middle, shops and cafes. The cafeteria, lounge, library, recreational areas are also designed visible and easily accessible to the passers-by, making the building function for everyone, supporting random encounters of diverse users.


The design respects the casual window openings on the side façades of the neighbour buildings by stepping away from them, event though it is allowed due to the attached building style of the urban area. A distinctive semi-transparent building shell is designed to provide privacy for these neighbour housing units while creating a view rather than an opaque barrier.

Çapa 1
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