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 Iskele Kitchen Furniture 

Iskele Kitchen Furniture









Atelier Alp & Alp


Concept Design, 3D Visualisation

Iskele, which means “scaffolding” is an open kitchen and furniture design for 1+1 or 2+1 small houses. Scaffold name resembles the intention of the furniture group that use the vertical surface of the room with maximum efficiency, providing activities such as cooking, storing, sitting, eating, studying, showcasing etc.


The modular skeleton, 60 cm x 60 cm x 240 cm is designed to provide a structure for various elements to be attached on it, turning it into different furnitures with different functions.


Some elements that provide maximum functionality and customization are: the wire mesh that can become a hanger, a shelf or a board; the base cart that can be used as a counter, table, chair, couch or a cabinet; full height sliding panels hiding the kitchen that can also function as a study desk, library, tv unit, blackboard, hanger.

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