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IB House

IB House 






Private Residential Interior

Under Construction


Alp Hazan Design Works


Pre-concept Design, Concept Design,

3D Visualisation, Construction Drawings, 

Construction Management

IB House is a 120m2 flat placed on the ground floor of a new three story building, located in Geneva, Switzerland. The concept design focuses on the main living area of the house consisting of the living room and open kitchen.

The house is designed for a single young man, with the intention of being a sanctuary, maximizing comfort and pleasure in his limited free time.

Though the lenght of the living room is quite limited to house both the living room and a kitchen with an island, the design proposes smart furniture solutions to optimize the space usage and renders the room spacious. The two façades of the room being mostly windows, allowing the huge green garden to decorate inside, supports the fresh feeling of the space.

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