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 House Lagos 

House Lagos






Private Residence & Interior



I-AM Istanbul


Pre-concept Design, Concept Design,

3D Visualisation, Construction Drawings

House Lagos is a three storey buiding to house a family of four requiring a lot of space for different activities. It is located in a neighbourhood with a sea view, facing intense segregation of two drastically different social economic classes. The site is surrounded by high security walls like all the other neighbouring sites with private residences, to avoid the slum right next to it.


Given these factors, the ground floor façade is designed completely transparent to create a seamless connection between indoors and the densely vegetated outdoors. By this way, the high site walls are aimed to be perceived as the building walls, making the narrow building feel more spacious.


The 2nd and the 3rd floors have a double-sin façade, with full size sliding windows inside and partial concrete shell with partial sliding wooden shutters outside, allowing maximum privacy customization, regarding that the neighbouring house is only 3 m away.


The space bewteen the two skins is designed as a “narrow garden”, creating a sense of being in a ground floor garden, compensating for the blocked view. Together with the two atriums inside the house with trees, the design intends to create an “introverted oasis”.

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