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 District 11 

District 11






Social Housing



Student Project at ITU


Concept Design, 3D Visualisation

District, is a multi-functional social housing project, designed for a very segregated neighborhood of Istanbul. Arnavutköy is an area which gated communities draw limits to slums by thick walls; rich and poor exist together here without any communication, even in discomfort for each other's existence.


The project aims to create a buffer zone: a medium that is appealing and functional for both groups that can hopefully create a dialogue.

“School and campus life” was identified as an important unifier between economical classes, therefore the site is designed to house newly graduated university students, also providing an office and  market area for them to kickstart their bussinesses. The commercial function adds further communication between the economic groups. 


The hybrid typology of the slum houses in Arnavutköy with restaurants, car workshops in ground floors was also an inspiration to the project. Also the puzzle-like expansion of the slum units that effortlessly fit into the landscape was analysed and methodologically applied.


Modular prefab housing units were designed to fit onto each other to use the site efficiently while allowing adequate sunlight, air and outdoor area for each occupant. The façade materials were inspired by the cheaper but efficient materials used in slums, such as corrugated steel, concrete and natural timber.

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