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 Demirbükü Residences 

Demirbükü Residences






Private Residences & Beach



Erginoğlu & Çalışlar Architects


Concept Design, 3D Modeling,

Plan Section Elevation Visualisation

“Fostering modern lifestyle in the heart of nature.” was the summary of the design brief given by the property developing firm MESA. The project consists of villas, residences, a hotel, a social center, a private beach and supporting recreational areas with a total of 57 000 m2 closed and 50 000 m2 open construction area inside the 209 000 m2 site.


The main design challenge is not to disturb the natural beauty of the precious Mediterranean coast, while providing luxury and comfort for the residents. The location, orientation, structure and the materials of the buildings are decided carefully in line with the the traditional local architecture, and in order to have the minimum footprint and blend softly into the natural landscape.

I was responsible of the design of the private residences and the beach facilities, together with the senior architect Emre Cestel.

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