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Dalida Cafe & Sapphire Hotel

Dalida Cafe & Sapphire Hotel






Hotel & Restaurant



Alp Hazan Design Works


Branding, Concept Design, 3D Modeling, Rendering, Construction Drawings, Construction Management

Dalida Cafe & Hotel is located in Datça, on the Aegean coast of Turkey. The project consists of the re-redesign of the lobby and two penthouse rooms, and also a new cafe at the ground floor, merged with the street overlooking to the sea and the harbor.

As the area has architecturally and culturally rich history, all the clues were collected to form up a new contemporary language for an "island" concept. Wall and ceiling elements of traditional Ottoman houses, clay jugs that were used for storing vine in the Greek civilization Kydonia, and olive trees that are the primary element of the surrounding flora are all used in the interior design. 

Two penthouse rooms are introduced with terraces overlooking to the sea, having a jacuzzi and a deck with lounge chairs, elevating the overall experience of the guests.

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