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Alaçatı C House

Alaçatı C House






Private Residential Architecture



Gürcan Dere Studio


Concept Design, 3D Modeling, Rendering

Alaçatı C House is a modular private residence project located in ​Alaçatı, Turkey.

The modules used in the project are called "Airhome" which are developed by Gürcan Dere Studio. Three modules of 35 m2 each, makes up a 3+1 housing. The total area of the living spaces doubles with the addition of terrace decks that fuse with the interior spaces.

The architectural language of the house originates from the rural landscape of Alaçatı, covered with shallow bushes, dry land, and olive trees. The design aims to remain simple enough for the landscape to be highlighted, and natural materials and textures were preferred to stay in line with the context.

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