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 Shoe Supply Showroom 

Shoe Supply Showroom






Commercial Interior



Atelier Alp & Alp


Concept Design, 3D Modeling, Construction Drawings,

Construction Management

The showroom designed for the shoe brand “Shoe Supply” is placed on the entire 90 m2 sized 2nd floor of the five storey building at Merter, Istanbul which also contains the design lab and offices of the brand.


It is designed to address three different customer profiles: high-profile retail brand owners/CEOs; purchasing agents; and small bussiness owners. Three different interaction types are imagined for selling shoes to these three different profiles: a friendly conversation with the high profiles while sitting on comfortable couch and armchairs; a meeting with purchasing agents around an office table; and a fast casual chit-chat and bargaining with the small bussiness owner sitting around a bar. These three corresponding areas are designed in the room accordingly.

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