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 Saklıyaz Roof Restaurant 

Saklıyaz Roof Restaurant






Hotel & Restaurant



Alp Hazan Design Works


Concept Design, Construction Drawings,

Construction Supervision

Saklıyaz Roof Restaurant belongs to the Saklıyaz Hotel, located in Datça, Turkey. The roof allows a tremendous 360 degrees of the vast Mediterranean Sea. A reflection pool is planned at the edge of the roof to reflect and extend the sea view into the restaurant area. The concrete daybeds placed on the pool, and the sunk seating area built inside the pool allow for maximizing the enchanting nature experience. A roof covered with straws collected from the local flora provides shelter against the powerful sun rays. Continuous strips of fabric hung on the ceiling create a kinetic sculpture shaped by the strong wind currents of Datça. The holistic cement finishes throughout the hotel continue to the roof, alongside the humble material palette including wood and rattan.

Video by Ilgaz Erel

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