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 Saklıyaz Hotel 

Saklıyaz Hotel






Hotel & Restaurant



Alp Hazan Design Works


Interior Concept Design, Façade Design, Construction Drawings, Construction Management

Saklıyaz Hotel is a ten-room boutique luxury hotel located at Datça, Turkey. The two story building sits on top of the cliffs overlooking to the vast Mediterranean sea.

The rooms are designed for housing couples, in order to create a romantic getaway experience. The open bathroom is seperated from the bed area only by the mirrors. The rooms are planned for everything to face directly the view; the bed, the sofa, the shower and the washbasins. The guests are invited to face the sea, while washing hands, or taking shower. The shower has two rain-shower heads, for couples to shower together. The lighting design is one of the most important aspects that shape the experience, since a variety of custom lighting scenarios can be controlled by smart switches. Each room has its own infinity pool seperated by built-in planters, with in water seats to act like jaccuzis facing the view.


White cement and limewash covers all the surfaces, creating a cave-like atmospere buried in the slope. Wood, and rattan and black metal are other primary materials of the project, creating a contrast between old and new, rawness and fineness.

Architectural Project by Kıyıda Mimarlık

Photo by Ilgaz Erel

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